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Deceived - Devils Club

August 28, 2016

While fishing on the Duckabush river, I thought I had found Wild Ginger!

 Turns out, it was Devil's Club. It tasted kind of like ginger, but more like a tree (I should not have tasted it.)

This spiny shrub is actually related to ginseng. According to the aboriginals of the B.C. coast, it is a highly medicinal plant and one of the oldest plants in the forest. The roots and especially the greenish inner bark are the major parts used. Today Devi’s Club is commonly used as a drinking tea to help diabetics and people suffering from rheumatism. Historically it has been used in teas, hot baths, and even carved into fishing tackle. The diabolic appearance of this plant has resulted in it being viewed as a protective plant that can starve off evil spirits. The burnt roots were used as a face paint for those who are susceptible to evil influences.  Glad I accidentally stumbled upon such an ancient ally :)


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